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Specialising in the diagnosis, treatment and management of neurological conditions. Based in Hampshire, United Kingdom in both private practice and within the NHS.

Dr Sarah Cader Consultant Neurologist

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Candover Clinic


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Sarah has been working as a consultant Neurologist in Hampshire since october 2011. She specialises  in multiple sclerosis, but looks after patients with all aspects of neurology. In particular, patients with complex neurological presentation  and with neurological problems associated with widespread sysmptoms beyond the nervous system are often referred for a second opinion.


She trained in Cambridge University Medical School (Downing College) after studying Neuroscience in Manchester University.  She graduated with first class honours and multiple distinctions, as well as holding several scholarships for academic performance, getting her degree in Neuroscience in 1996 and graduating with a medical degree in December 1998. After training in acute and emergency medicine, at Cambridge, Birmingham City Hospital A&E, and a medical rotation at Oxford, she specialised in Neurology.


Sarah undertook a doctorate in Multiple Sclerosis and Magnetic resonance imaging at Oxford University (New College), and after completion took time out of neurology training to train in psychiatry at the Maudsley Hospital, London.


She returned to neurology training in 2007, before  obtaining her CCT (completion of training certificate)  and entering the specialist register for Neurology, and starting work as a Consultant.


She continues to work in the NHS and the private sector, as well as being involved in a number of clinical trials.

Dinwoodie Drive

North Hampshire Hospital

Aldermaston Road


RG24 9NA

Basing Road

Old Basing


RG24 7AL

University Hospital Southampton


North Hamnpshire Hospital




Typical costs


Other costs

Initial consultation: £250.00

Follow-up consultation: £150.00

First day of inpatient review: £200.00 to £250.00

Subsequent inpatient care: £100 per day

Insurance cover

If you have health insurance, then costs can usually be covered directly with the insurers. Many insurers will need you to contact them first for pre-authorisation. Dr Sarah Cader is recognised and approved by all major insurers. There may be an excess specified in your policy. Please note that complete payment for services to the consultant remains the ultimate responsibility of the patient regardless of method of payment.

If you have health insurance


Lumbar Puncture: £300.00

Basic Medical report: £150.00

More detailed medical resport: £400.00 pr hour

Medico-legal report: £1600 per report plus additional costs



Typical Investigations


Lumbar Puncture

Nerve studies/EMG

Blood tests

Evoked potentials


imaging to look at parts of the brain or spine in detail. This does not involve radiation but can take time. For those who can't tolerate the experience of an MRI, a CT may be appropriate although this is less detailed and involves radiation.

In some cases, it may be necessary to sample the fluid around the brain and spinal cord. This is usually obtained with a spinal tap in the lower back under local anaesthetic.

The pattern of nerve damage or muscle injury may be picked up with these electrical tests. This in turn may help provide diagnostic clues to underlying problem and if there may be treatable causes.

Some neurological conditions will have characteristic changes on simple blood tests. This may help with diagnosis or support a clinical diagnosis.

This is a measure of how quickly the signal will travel to the brain from various parts of the body. It is a test that can show evidence of inflammation.

During an EEG, the activity of the brain is recorded. Typically this may show changes during seizures, but can also be used to look for a number of other brain conditions.



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Phone: 07595 040 932


Dr Sarah Cader

Candover Clinic

Dinwoodie Drive


RG24 9NA

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